Notice of Public Hearing

 Increased coastal erosion rates have put the beachfront community of Matunuck in peril. Town of South Kingstownwas offered and refused sand for replenishment at no cost twice in the past 10 years.

 Now, the Town of South Kingstownis trying to set the stage to allow for further coastal armoring.  Major concerns have been raised that armoring the shoreline in this area will cause the loss of beaches, marine habitat and public access, as well as increased erosion to adjoining properties. This decision will change the course of development and access to our shores throughout the state – leading to what will ultimately be a south coast of seawalls.

 The Rhode Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is working with a national expert on shoreline erosion to aid in the development of a long term solution which will reduce the risk to people, properties and infrastructure while maintaining respect for the natural process along the coast. 

 Additionally, state taxes have been appropriated for a non-state project, protecting a local beachfront road in Matunuck.  This project has been repeatedly denied by the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC) and nationwide coastal analysts – so why are we still talking about it?  

 Speak up for your state, for your tax dollars, for our natural and beautiful coasts.  Tell the South Kingstown Town Council to wake up and get a clue.  Tell CRMC to do their job. 

 Be there on Tuesday, April 10th, 6:00pm at the Corless Auditorium,WatkinsBuilding, at the URI Bay Campus for the public comment on the Town’s latest attempt to ignore decades of science and refuse viable options that should have been started years ago.  


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